Welcome to Sanasto

Sanasto is an online tool that attempts to provide a streamlined way to memorize vocabulary. It allows its users to build their own vocabulary collection from scratch. This collection is used as a basis for generating randomized tests. Success rate and progress is recorded, as well as detailed stats about every test the user has taken.

Sanasto is currently under development, therefore registrations have been disabled for time being.


  • Custom database of languages, words and translations.
  • Option to add entries manually, or import them from a CSV file.
  • Unlimited set of languages, as well as translations between words.
  • Configurable vocabulary testing from and to any language in the collection.
  • Adaptive algorithm that prefers the least successful translations when generating a test.
  • Test archive with details about each test taken.
  • Account and database statistics.
  • Full control of your data, with an option to permanently terminate your account.
  • Simple interface and in-page hints on how to use given feature.

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